Welcome to the new age
of asset management
We believe in truly independent advice, centered around your interest as a client, not interest of the bank
You are the only party we get compensation from. We receive no retrocessions, commissions or introducer fees from any of the providers we work with. We refer them to you only because we believe they are truly best in class

We believe in transparency. You have the right to know full economics of your investments and we make sure you receive this transparency from all the parties we work with

We believe in quality and competence, and only offer you products we know and understand.

In recent years the world and the banking client expectations have dramatically changed - driven by the new technologies, access to information, transparency – but the traditional private banking has not changed a bit.

For the ultra-wealthy, the solution was to establish a family office, with a trusted person who would defend their interests and serve as a "gatekeeper" facing the banks and taking care of all other matters around wealth preservation and protection.

We believe this service can and should be more accessible to a wider range of wealthy individuals.

Welcome to a different type of asset manager.

We cooperate with the best professionals and renown experts in their areas – investment advice, banking services, legal and tax structuring, corporate and trust services, and well beyond – to ensure you receive the optimal solution and best value. We on principle remain independent.

We go the extra mile and always stay by your side.

Advice on selection of the most suitable bank for your purposes, support in account opening process and onboarding.

Development of a tailor-made investment strategy and its implementation within respective bank accounts.

Portfolio assessments and cost check for existing banking relationships.
Supporting in multiple other matters related to managing your wealth through an extensive and established network of independent partners and providers: philanthropy, real estate, inheritance, relocation, education, structuring, corporate finance, etc.
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CIWM, CPA, CEO and Founder
Evervest AG

Price is what you pay, value is what you get
Warren Buffet
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